Pay tribute to René Magritte

“This is not an A4 paper”

by Xulai Dou
42 years old, China
31 August 2019


A4 Gallery is a non-profit project fully funded by Arterest® Art School.

Art is highly capitalised nowadays, A4 Gallery is trying to redefine the value of artworks, pay more attention to the artworks, and maximise the outcome of art expression with minimum carrier.

A4 paper is the most common type of paper used worldwide, easy and handy.

Artworks showcased by A4 Gallery must be fit into A4 format, and each art work is reflecting the theme of the period of time.

A4 Gallery offers a free platform, trying to set-up display spots in public space (communities, schools, stations, parks, plazas, etc.), providing showcasing opportunities for artists, and welcoming art lovers from multi background to join our team.

Art galleries rely more and more on the establishment of physical environment. To focus on the artwork itself, two funders of Arterest® Art School proposed a new concept of “Gallery 2.0”:

Flexibility: Size of gallery is variable.

Distribution: Artworks can be seen everywhere.

Virtualisation: Establish connectivity between online and offline.

The A4 Gallery project is the attempt of practicing this concept by the two funders of Arterest® Art School.

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    A4 Gallery is a distributed art gallery. The works being exhibited are scattered in multiple locations, and you can choose nearby works to enjoy.

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