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vegetable art

From usual to unusual

Simplicity is hard. Here are some vegetables in front of you: A bunch of celery, a carrot, a broccoli, and a few radishes. What can you think of? Celery salad? Carrot cake? Creamy broccoli? or turkey and radish wrap? En, these sound yum indeed, but… Can carrot become a rocket? Or a teapot and cups? Can we turn ...

Stick Wall Hanger, Our Holiday Art Camp Day3

Here is the big thing, we worked 3 hours on this project, Stick Wall Hanger! We prepared lots wood sticks with several sizes. Some are pretty BIG. Colour pencils, texta, sticky tape and strings are other materials we needed. Little designers worked on different sizes of sticks, created different colours and patterns. ...

Tie and Dye, Our Holiday Art Camp Day1

As the very first activity of our East Art Camp, this is how we did the Tie & Dye project. It is absolutely beautiful, enjoyable and full of surprises. Test Run: using rubber bands and clips to tie a tea towel. The girls started by using rubber bands and clips to tie ...

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