From usual to unusual

Simplicity is hard. Here are some vegetables in front of you: A bunch of celery, a carrot, a broccoli, and a few radishes. What can you think of? Celery salad? Carrot cake? Creamy broccoli? or turkey and radish wrap? En, these sound yum indeed, but… Can carrot become a rocket? Or a teapot and cups? Can we turn ...

The Fruit Study

Of course we eat fruits everyday, the question is do you know what they really look like both from outside and inside? This is a fun subject to study. We can expand children’s interest from eating to exploration. When you asked them to sketch a few type of fruits they are ...

Flower Deconstruction

When we ask a child to draw a flower, normally we will see a few rounded shape as petals and a line as stem. It seems this is the generic shape of a flower in everyone’s mind. But, we all know flower is far more than that.  Flower study lesson is designed ...

Pen and Brush

Pen, pencils, brushes, these tools are being used very often everyday, too often to pay attention to them maybe.  But they are so different. Have we you ever think about why? Pen and brushes studied during the class The lesson introduces ten plus different types of pen and brushes. Get students to observe ...

This is not only an “Art Studio”

I realised 28th of January was a special day. 28th of January 2018 when our 300 meter square spaced COMA gallery officially ran its first exhibition dedicated for the works by the kids. 28th of January, 2019 when the new space, JoyLUB, was brought to life. 1 These past few years, ...

Learn One Point Perspective on Street

When I was asked how to teach one point perspective, I always prefer to not only stay inside studio but go outside and look at the street. And I am so happy to post this lesson since all my students LOVED this lesson. Strreetscape by Caiyi Perspective is part magic and part ...

Learn about perspectives

Is the widow nearer looks bigger than the one further? Question like this leads us to perspective. Instead of draw lines on a piece of paper, I would say create a space will be better! We looked at one point perspective and look for reason why we look bigger or smaller when ...

My Map

Do you know the places around you? Do you remember the way to school or library? Let's make your map with paper cupboard! Be a little town planner. Not only the map, but also, you will build things up! (more…)

Design and Paint Your Own Placemat

This time, we make something we can use everyday. A placemat! Kids are asked to design patterns under a subject of "Cactus". First, they are designing patterns, starting with pencil sketch, define the shape and lines. Then design the colour fillings.   (more…)

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