Ink practice

Exploring Chinese Ink

Chinese traditional painting is a kind of art which has a very long history. It presents a ZEN aesthetic and an oriental philosophy. Apart from this, the ink can just create beautiful texture on rice paper. And, it is such an nice tool to be creative with.

In this class, we get to know some basic knowledge of ink painting, e.g.

  • how to create painting ink with ink bar;
  • how to hold a brush which is dramatically different from watercolour or oil painting;
  • how to prepare a stroke;
  • how to use different part of the brush to create different effect;
  • how to adjust darkness of the ink to create layers.
Chinese Ink Painting
Ink painting on Class- Fish and Leaves

We also need to apply and test them to make our own painting! Our students created drawings under the theme of Fish. They use different ways to present their ideas. Love what they have done, and these are definitely can be developed into a textile!

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