Flower Deconstruction

When we ask a child to draw a flower, normally we will see a few rounded shape as petals and a line as stem. It seems this is the generic shape of a flower in everyone’s mind.

But, we all know flower is far more than that. 

Flower study lesson is designed to guide students observe two to three different types of flowers. Discover the looks, smell and basic structure of flowers, and be as detail as possible. The observation process enables children to find surprising facts on a daily/normal object.Students create their own artwork based on their observation and their feelings about it.

We look at flowers, smell them, discuss the colour, shapes and structure.

We deconstruct flowers, see how many petals and how many layers are there. We found stamen and stigma. We discovered amazing fact a little flower can have.

And, do you know when petals of a daisy get dry, they will be fluffy? 

Students were so inspired by the flower deconstruction and created beautiful art works and designs.

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