From usual to unusual

Simplicity is hard.

Here are some vegetables in front of you:

A bunch of celery, a carrot, a broccoli, and a few radishes.

What can you think of?

Celery salad? Carrot cake? Creamy broccoli? or turkey and radish wrap?

En, these sound yum indeed, but…

Can carrot become a rocket?

Or a teapot and cups?

Can we turn celery to water slide?

Or can artichoke blades be used as a sail?

Although these vegetables are all the ingredients we often purchase, it is still worthwhile to study them.

What do they look like?

What is the texture of the touch?

What colour do they have?

How does it relate to other scenes in everyday life?

It seems simple, but it is not easy at all.

Breaking the understanding of the conventional scene of “vegetables” and extend it into another scene that has nothing to do with kitchen and meals, how much brain works it need?

Although it is challenging, it is enjoyable.

monkey made of carrot and carrot stem
lady in rain made of carrot, broccoli and artichoke
potato whale and coriander waves
Mum and me dancing in spinach leaves
Veggie dress fashion
Celery can be made into a violin.
how about motorcycle in celery and beans
Radish light, how smart
Now, we have a concert

There are too many wonderful pieces to fill in this page!

When we look up to the sky, the universe is vast and infinite.

When we look down, the world around you is also full of unknowns, with unlimited possibilities. This infinite possibility is in the hands of each of us.

These small things around us, even those carrots worth only $1.99 in supermarket, have the opportunity to change the fate of being cooked. It looks like a bronze, but it eventually became the king.

It was through the thinking and patience of these little artists that the magical turnover process is made.

Do you want to try it too?

Send us your work to share.

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