After lots case studies, we find a way to make people more interesting

All along, I feel that my mother is a very immature person.

For example, she wrote my teacher a note saying that I am sick in order to take me to the mountains to pick up the dates when I was about to take the college entrance examination.

Forcing me to sing “The cat’s duet” with her and shocked my family and neighbours.

Even my art teacher was picked up on her way to fishing.

It’s definitely not possible to improve my college entrance examination scores by going to the mountains.

Singing “meow meow” can’t make me a musician right.

In short, these are useless.

But, I feel that every day of my childhood is very interesting.

For example, one day, we can’t find a knife to cut the paper. Seeing that my mother picked up another piece of paper, and folded several times, then flatten one side, and cut it neatly.

“Cutting paper only needs something hard and thin. Do you think it is more convenient to use something at hand or go downstairs to buy a paper cutter?”

This seems to be not only useless, but also very interesting.

Since I became a mother, it seems that I started to do more “useless” things.

such as:

Making thumb size clay models of the characters from my daughter’s picture book.

Drawing a pictured calendar for my little girl.

We caught the caterpillars and raised them, waiting to change into butterflies… Of course not successful.

And we turn paper into pulp and then made paper again. Although the finished product was far from perfect, I still got the comment of “usable.”

This kind of thing takes a lot of time and it doesn’t seem to be useful.

However, we all find it very interesting.

Picture calendar records the mother’s love for the child, raising the caterpillar to observe the daily life of the small creature, and use the imperfect homemade paper to learn the change from pulp to paper. Everything can be curious at, and you can change something from useless to useful. This process is very interesting.

Sometimes, “useful” is actually useless.

“Useless” can become “useful” under certain conditions.

I just thought, It’s better to find ways to make “useless” “useful”

than simply using “useful” and “useless” as standards.

Make life fun.

A few days ago I collected big box of broken branches. Just like rubbish.

Then we had a class.

The children found that the branches have a variety of colours, morphology and texture.

We drew a lot of pictures and made a lot of things inspired by branches.

The question is: Is the branch “useful” or “useless”?

The branches scattered on the ground, if we just walked over them, they are useless.

If we collect them, observe and create, maybe they will become useful.

Interestingly, some children want to make bows and arrows with branches.

Some want to draw this strange form,

Some want to use the branches to make decorations hanging on the wall.

Some thought of making a boat, and worried that the branches were too heavy, they made a catamaran with a plastic spoon.

For them, there is no correct answer.

As if “Useful” or “useless” is something that doesn’t exist at all.

At least, one thing is certain:

Making “useless” “useful” is really a very enjoyable process.

Who doesn’t like joyful life?

Who is not willing to become a fun person?

Every child is a “fun little soul”, and they are extremely good in making “useless” “useful”.

Does this magical ability slowly fades with age?

Actually not,

Make “useless” “useful” is the ability deeply engraved in our DNA.

After the sun set, our ancestors deeply felt what is “boring”. It drives them to make “boring” “interesting”.

The theory of evolution, proves that interesting people are more favoured in human history.

This ability may not create an immediate effect.

But it will definitely affect the life track of a person.

Let’s make things that look “useless” “useful”

Let’s be an interesting person.

*About the cat’s duet is actually a famous music piece.

** I guess the title should be “After one case study, we find many ways to make people more interesting”.

What special things have you done with your child? Leave a comment below to share ~

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