Learn One Point Perspective on Street

When I was asked how to teach one point perspective, I always prefer to not only stay inside studio but go outside and look at the street. And I am so happy to post this lesson since all my students LOVED this lesson.

Strreetscape by Caiyi

Perspective is part magic and part math and for creative types like me, there are specific rules that really work. But it would be much more fun to learn from both rules explanation and self-perception. 

We can start with a little talk, how one point perspective works and what the rules are, using an illustration to explain the vanish point.

Then we take a walk to the neighbourhood, looked at the street, trees and buildings. Our students search for the vanish point from their position. And sat down to sketch the streetscape.

It might not be mathematically perfect, but more importantly is to find that rule and show it by yourself.

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