Open Class “ The Little Interesting Souls”

On they way of learning knowledges, have a break and take a good look at this world.

I have taught a few hundreds of art classes to young people since 2016, and I always ask myself “what is the most important thing in my art classes?”

I think it is the process, the process with three steps “Observation”, “Sensation” and “Expression”. It is not likely that everyone will have their career as an artist, but being an observer, a thinker and a creator is something we want from our next generation.

Therefore, we designed JoyLUB class for little ones. Children are encouraged to observe objects and environment, asking questions, figuring out the answers and form their own perception. Then they can choose any art form to express their perception.

This is why I invited you to this Open Class, today, 6th Oct. 2018.

Snapshot of Open Class

There are 33 families joined our event, and I can not be more grateful for your enthusiasm.

We had two subjects today, the Kite Wheel and Bubbles.

  • Do you know how to use a kite wheel and what is the structure?
  • Have you seen each part of it and why it is designed this way?
  • Where else are we using this kind of structure?
  • Can you create your own wheel?
  • Do you know how bubbles are made? Do they have colours?
  • Can you see through bubbles and is the scene different?
  • What is the difference between a single bubble and a group of bubbles sticking together?
  • Did you find the bubble structure familiar? Have you seen furnitures or buildings look like this structure?
  • What can you create with bubbles now?
Bubble Study

There is no correct or wrong answers directly given by teacher. All children were inspired to find their answer during the process of observation and divergent discussion. Everyone was creating something based on their own findings, every creation is unique, and everyone is so confident to show what they think.

If the method can be used in other areas of learning, the possibility will be infinite.

Thank you, my colleges, my family and all my friends for supporting me in sharing my concept. There is nothing I can do but keep moving forward.

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