Pen and Brush

Pen, pencils, brushes, these tools are being used very often everyday, too often to pay attention to them maybe. 

But they are so different. Have we you ever think about why?

Pen and brushes studied during the class

The lesson introduces ten plus different types of pen and brushes. Get students to observe the shape, structure and explore the different strokes effects, compare similarities and differences, find the key elements of a pen or a brush. 

When we start to show the strokes of pencil, ballpoint pen, ink pen, pigment pen, marker, charcoal, pastel, crayon, Chinese brush, roundhead brush, fathead brush, brush, and painting knife, everyone had a “wow”. They cannot wait to grab one or even all of them and test what kind of strokes they can make by using tips or sides.

We also discussed about the design of each pen and brush, how to make it easier to hold and use? Why tips of a pen or brush have different softness and hardness? What are they made from?

Based on the observation and discussion, these little ones start to create their own version of pen and brushes. 

Explore the possibilities of his freshly made pen

I have to admit, they have designed some brushes look beautiful and I wish I can use for my art.

These “I have never seen” brushes are made by students, leaves, straw, lego, paper.

Sure, these creative brushes will be used in another class. They will use their own creation to create their own art.

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