Pencil Still Life

Pencil Drawing

As another observation attempt, we use pencil instead of colours focusing on shape, outline, volume, and relationships of the objects.

Material we use: Soft pencil (6B), plastic eraser, hard paper

Objects we use: Still life

Class content: Observation + Creation

I encourage children to look and observe carefully by using my finger outlining the shape of each object, telling them “now it is going straight, or curve or side ways…”

Pencil pianting
Children pencil drawing

And we explore the proportion and relationships, e.g. which one is taller, which one is wider. Once they have an idea of the objects, they can apply to their drawings. Learning how to make a drawing plan, knowing where to put what is a great ability for children. The skill will not only work for painting but also many other things. This is why I encourage them to draw a scene instead of single object.

Pencil Painting by kids
Pencil observation drawing

For more advanced students, I ask them to start developing an understanding of light and shadows and moving forward to sketching and contouring.

Pencil drawing by kids
Pencil drawing

At last, all students are encouraged to add something beyond the reality. Their works can just tell you a story. Cant’ they.

pencil plants
Pencil drawing plants and toys

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