Learn about perspectives

Is the widow nearer looks bigger than the one further? Question like this leads us to perspective. Instead of draw lines on a piece of paper, I would say create a space will be better! We looked at one point perspective and look for reason why we look bigger or smaller when ...

My Map

Do you know the places around you? Do you remember the way to school or library? Let's make your map with paper cupboard! Be a little town planner. Not only the map, but also, you will build things up! (more…)

The Little Show

2017 has been a great year. It began with Art Is Living art studio, and has evolved into our current studio, Arterest. It feels so unreal when you see the art works that 26 children made throughout the year. They are so creative, so vivid, so interesting and powerful. Every child is an ...

Design and Paint Your Own Placemat

This time, we make something we can use everyday. A placemat! Kids are asked to design patterns under a subject of "Cactus". First, they are designing patterns, starting with pencil sketch, define the shape and lines. Then design the colour fillings.   (more…)

Let’s Make Candle Glaciers

This amazing candle glacier project is done by 16 family teams. We can burn candles, we can melt them into liquid wax, we can shape them, change colours, change scent, there are so many things we can do with it. Why should we just trap them in regular shapes? That is the ...

Meeting Jackson Pollock

Meeting Jackson Pollock As our end of year project, I decide to let the children go wild and feel how a master would feel making their masterpieces. Jackson Pollock is one of the best and most well known abstract artists in the world. The painting style invented by him is "dripping". With ...

Colour Mixing Magic

I love to get children experiencing how different colours can be produced just by mixing three primary colours. It is easy for them to make orange, green, or purple. But there are many other colours. For example, there can be ten different levels of orange, some are lighter, some are stronger. ...

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