Learn about perspectives

Is the widow nearer looks bigger than the one further? Question like this leads us to perspective. Instead of draw lines on a piece of paper, I would say create a space will be better! We looked at one point perspective and look for reason why we look bigger or smaller when ...

The world is in your hand

This is a great work done by Jasmine, she call it "the Wind" Visual art is not always about paintings or drawings, collage plays a big role. This time, children are encouraged to use various materials to create a scene or just a feeling. (more…)

Play with Paper

As you may know, Mattisse made paper collage a new world of art. Playing with paper has so much fun, they can be 2D and also 3D; it can be one layer, but also many layers. I encourage kids to use different papers with paints and brushes to organise their picture. It ...

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