The Little Show

2017 has been a great year.

It began with Art Is Living art studio, and has evolved into our current studio, Arterest.

It feels so unreal when you see the art works that 26 children made throughout the year. They are so creative, so vivid, so interesting and powerful.

Every child is an artist, not only the way to draw or paint, but also the way they perceive the world. Their concentration, expression, and imagination always cheers me up.

These little artists should be respected as real artists. This is why we put on this show.

Yes, they are little kids, their works are not so big, but what they are presenting is not so little.

It is a show from them, and for them. 1.2m is their sight level, and we are putting their works at their sight level.

Please come and enjoyed the show with us, feel the enthusiasm, get ready to be touched at COMA Gallery.

Address: COMA Gallery  137 Bayswater Road Rusucutters Bay NSW2011

Time: 26-27. Jan. 2018

ABN: 56 622 631 190

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