This is not only an “Art Studio”

I realised 28th of January was a special day.

28th of January 2018 when our 300 meter square spaced COMA gallery officially ran its first exhibition dedicated for the works by the kids.

28th of January, 2019 when the new space, JoyLUB, was brought to life.


These past few years, I’ve been frequently asked:

“does my kids have potential?”

“what has my kids learn to draw?”

Every child has the most desired potential, originated from their curiosity and the freedom of expressing them without any worries. The issue is how this potential is encouraged and developed.

JoyLUB classes allow the integration of the different aspects of content to permeate through an artistic environment. We continuously guide children to develop their own independent ways of observation and mindset, forming self-perspectives, hence exhibiting their ideas. The ways of expression include; sketching, sculpturing, designing a model or even doodles and text. There is no limitation in the ways of expression, we will help them achieve their goals and purposes.

Retaining and encouraging the children’s natural abilities, enabling them to become a better observer, thinker, executor, artist and creator, with a benefit of a lifetime.


Since the official start of classes in October of last year, we continuously dedicated our effort and time in this new space which serves our values and ideas. From style, materials, furniture and lighting, we had put in the utmost effort and care in the decision making. The back of each chair in the classroom has a unique story of the artist. The LED lights, to our expectations, are up to 80 and above CRI, to achieve a lighting as similar as the natural lighting.

This space when it is in use it is divided in different parts, Observation area, creating area, discussion area, and production area.

Although JoyLUB is organised in such ways, however we encourage everyone to freely use this space to their own will and desire.


I’m guessing you will be curious in how these classes are run.

Every term in our regular classes, firstly we will observe the objects to the finest details. These objects all come from our daily lives, it can be a teapot or maybe even a chair, objects from the nature, a bunch of flowers or a leave.

From the foundation of observing, we will keep discussion and encourage divergent thinking.

At last the children will form their own opinions and freely choose the materials they wish to use to portray their idea.

If the children spend a year in this space, they will be able to complete observing and understanding 36 different objects. Gradually, this will become such an amazing talent!

This is really worth looking forward to!


Our party.

This time there were unlimited number of people, resulting us to unable to conduct creative activities. Giving a tour for the students and parents allows them to familiarise this space. We realised the importance of liking and having an interest in this place.

There were also hundreds of helium balloons floating around, the kids casually took them and decorated them.

Of course it is undeniably an excuse to drink champagne.

This is not an usual art studio because in this place you can do far more than just draw.

JoyLUB space is a place filled with opportunities, it’s a place for me and the kids to grow.

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