Tie and Dye, Make Your Own Fashion

We have plenty of cotton clothes we don’t like, do we?

Instead of giving them away, let’s give them a second chance by

Tie and Dye.

This is such an easy work that everyone can handle, young ones, adults.

I have prepared:

12 Brand new white T shirts for kids, and asked everyone to bring their own old cotton cloth in light colours.

Cotton dyes, Blue, Red, Yellow, three preliminary colours.

Plenty ropes.

After introducing a few ways to tie, our members are so creative by inventing their own pattern of tying and dip the clothes into different colours to make a mix.

Look at what we have done!

Learning fabric can be dyed and the pattern can be controlled is a valuable lesson for kids. And, they know how to make a turn over, maybe not only with clothes.

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