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Try Observation Drawing – the Acrylic

Children love to draw from what they see and like. Then how to observe the environment and translate it into their own painting language becomes important. We don’t want children to be less confident in drawing.

We started our first Observation Drawing Class with acrylic colour.

There are many different things we can look at with observation drawing, colours, shapes, lines, proportions, etc. And many techniques they can learn, contouring, sighting, colour patching, etc.

For children, colour is always more direct than others. Today, we have a still life scene in which there are few fruits, flowers and leaves.

painting objects
still life for observation

As simple as the scene is, the colours are not simple. I put my finger on different part of the same object and asking questions like “what is this colour? IS it a darker colour or a brighter colour? How dar or how bright? Why?” Children think about why there is a much lighter orange colour on a mandarin and a much darker one. And they found light and shadows! And they apply this observation into their painting!

I offer all the helps they need during colour mixing. If they find some different colours, they want to apply this new finds in their work. After all, mixing acrylic colour to get the colour they want needs experience. This is also another goal of this class, the magic of mixing colours.

acrylic colour painting
on class practice: acrylic fruits and leaves

During the class, everyone developed painting with their own eyes and imaginations. Each child concentrates on their painting for one hour or more.

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